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Arcade NY area

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Ada Lana-Simms, CPDT-KA, OSCT

Science Based training uses learning theory, behavior analysis, body language, biology, and psychology in helping you to understand why your pet does what they do so that we can work on changing behavior.

The method is Mark & Reward which is free of fear, pain and intimidation. The goal is for you (& family) to build a bond. Using aversive methods or tools (shock, prong or choke collars) will NOT endear your dog to you. 

Reliable and Trustworthy

I come to your home to observe the dog and family dynamics. Having the dog being comfortable in their surroundings where they feel safe, inspires quicker learning also. It is difficult for any "being" to learn if fear is present.

Having a stranger in your house during tthese times may make some weary. Usually folks feel more secure knowing that I am a twenty year veteran of the Rochester NY Police Department.

I will respond usually the same day when you email or call me.

Session Description

After our initial conversation, you will receive a history form to complete and email back to me. This gives me some insight on your goals and the issues (training or behavior) that you would like to address. 

The first session is 1.5 hrs. A "functional assessment" will be completed. So what does that mean":

Functional behavior assessment: A systematic method of assessment for obtaining information about the purposes (functions) a problem behavior serves for a person; results are used to guide the design of an intervention for decreasing the problem behavior and increasing appropriate behavior. — Applied Behavior Analysis, Cooper, Heron, & Heward. Second Edition, 2014.

From this, a plan of action is developed. I will demonstrate and explain what we are doing and why.  After our session, within 48 hrs, I will send a follow up report with tutorials that will enhance what we covered and that you can refer to.